3 Powerful Steps for Getting What You Want

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As a health and eating coach, I find that, many weeks, a common thread shows up among clients. I love this – seeing an amazing, VERY diverse group of individuals exploring similar areas but in their own way.

Recently, a common thread was “manifesting.” Specifically, I had several clients ask whether I believed in it or whether it was possible. My answers varied slightly for each person, but the main answer went this way: Yes! It is possible…AND…

Manifesting is not just dreaming + hocus pocus.

Photo by Evie Shaffer, Unsplash

Photo by Evie Shaffer, Unsplash

There are three key steps.

Consider what you truly want to manifest, or bring into your life. Then try this:

1. Get as clear as possible on what you want to manifest: Write it down. Visit it daily. Revise as necessary. Do a daily mindfulness practice that connects with it and touches in. Can be simple...but the more specific you are, the more likely you'll see outcomes. If there's a place to add a time element or numbers, do so.

2. Ask for and open to all manner of support: This means from others and from the Universe – without even needing to know what that support will look like or what form it will take. Ask NOT from a place of neediness, but from a place of being of service...and supporting others even as they support you. Weave this into your daily mindfulness practice.

3. Do YOUR part: Take one next step, or make one "right choice," after the next in a steady, consistent way. Stay the course – not just today or this week, but over the longer trajectory. This holds true for food and lifestyle...and transcends those to encompass every part of your life.

Feel like you don’t deserve it? Having trouble getting specific?

Any difficulty you encounter with the three steps is good, useful information – and something to get really curious about. Start here: 

What is it that makes you feel as though you "don't deserve”? Would you say the same to your child or a close friend?

What is it that makes you feel uncomfortable about getting specific? Fear? Responsibility? Something different?

Naming what we want to manifest in a specific, concrete way carries responsibility – including responsibility to actually do our part (instead of doing what we always do).

Success also carries responsibility! What will your new reality ask or require of you?

Don’t let fear of responsibility dissuade you. DO get really honest about whether it’s holding you back – whether YOU are holding you back.

Photo by Steinar Engeland, Unsplash

Photo by Steinar Engeland, Unsplash

Now you. 

What do you truly want? What are you working to manifest? How are you participating, fully, in the process? I’d love to hear in the comments!

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