Trauma, abuse, heartbreak, loss

Two Minute Read: Trauma, abuse, heartbreak, loss, eating disorder, eating addiction, recovery.

When I work with clients on changing their relationship with food, one place of tender, mindful exploration touches the root of unhelpful patterns.

At the root, for most of us, there’s some sort of trauma, abuse, heartbreak or loss.

Something – or some series of things – that changed us. Changed how we see the world. Changed how we see ourselves.

When it comes to eating, this may surface as an eating addiction or eating disorder...or could “just” fall on the spectrum of habit and belief.

Photo by Pablo Varela, Unsplash

Photo by Pablo Varela, Unsplash

The purpose of exploration isn’t attachment to or un-ended repetition of our “story.” Rather, it's to say:

"I see you. There’s space for you. Love is available, even here.”

In seeing and naming, with an abundance of tenderness and compassion, we expand our sphere of awareness. Our sphere of conscious choice. Our potential for healing.

Photo by Josh Kahen, Unsplash

Photo by Josh Kahen, Unsplash

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