Almost February. How's it going?

3 Minute Read: Resolutions, habits, mindfulness, sugar addiction, self-care.

Hi, hey. February's nearly here. How's it going? (Like, really.)

There's so much hype around the holidays (and what comes after, as we move into a new year). So many hopes and expectations. So many resolutions and promises.

Can be easy to feel a little disappointed or even lost, come late January.  

Today, I invite you to join me in a collective exhale.

join me in pausing, touching ground, touching in.

Letting the earth and your heart support you...even as you look up, towards tonight’s first-quarter moon and possibilities ahead. In this pause, ask…

Photo by Jakob Owens, Unsplash

Photo by Jakob Owens, Unsplash

"What are you feeling? Like, really feeling? Promise, there’s space for all of it.”

There's space for all of you. Just as you are – without changing a thing.

Photo by Soroush Karimi, Unsplash

Photo by Soroush Karimi, Unsplash

Also, this "resolution thing" isn't a race.

You have all the time you need. And true change usually needs plenty of time! So again, return to that question...and perhaps venture into two more:

  • What are you feeling right now, in this moment?

  • What are you needing right now, in this moment?

  • What's one step that would support you, exactly as you are, today?

If you're working with these sorts of questions and making changes as the year unfolds, I encourage you to check out my new ebook:

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