Breath, practice & showing up

1 Minute Read: Mindfulness, meditation, yoga, breath, healing.

Breathing…and showing up for my practice. Every. Single. Day.

No matter what, breath and practice meet me there. As I am.

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Do you have a practice where you show up, every day, without question or condition? 

Chopping wood. Carrying water. Doing the next healing thing.

With commitment. Without debate.

Doesn't have to be yoga. But some practice or place that meets you exactly where you are, as you are.

If not, that's totally okay...but I urge you to explore (or even just imagine) what it might look like, for you.

Why? Because...

there's tremendous solace and healing in presence, persistence and time.

Photos by  Bobbi Barbarich

Photos by Bobbi Barbarich

I'd love to hear about your practice – and way of showing up – if you'd like to share!

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