Here's the thing when it comes to healthy, glowing skin:

Safer, better skincare is part of the equation...

But eating and lifestyle patterns are just as important...

And herbal supplements add an extra boost!

This alchemy of inner + outer care for skin + self brings way better, deeper results than slapping on the latest miracle potion.

If you're looking to nourish your skin inside and out using clean products, real food and herbs, this package is for you!


Phone consult

In this 30-minute consult, you tell me about your:

  • Skincare goals and challenges

  • Past and current eating patterns

  • Lifestyle and health conditions

We will focus on eating and lifestyle patterns and how they affect your skin.


custom PLAN

This customized plan is a skincare protocol tailored just for you, including:

  • Eating guidance

  • Lifestyle guidance

  • Skincare guidance

  • Practical action steps

It is based on my signature alchemy of Chinese Medicine, biomedicine, and intuitive eating.



I will prescribe one DAO Labs herbal formula. These are Chinese Medicine formulas that come in individual packets and are mixed with water or other beverages. They are easy to take and actually taste good!

One box (15 packets; $28 value) is included in the package cost. You'll also get a discount code, in case you'd like to reorder on your own later.



Based on your skin needs and goals, I'll put together a skincare prescription with links you can shop yourself. It includes $50 cash back on purchases of $50+.

You are under NO obligation to purchase anything, but can earn cash back if you do so through my links. Even if you only spend $50, I'll give you $50!


$150 | Contact me here to ask questions or to schedule!