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I began eating paleo-primal in my 30s, while studying medicine. Before that, I spent 10 years on a nutrient-poor vegetarian diet – even when it no longer served my body or mind. (These days, at age 44, I eat mostly vegetarian, plant-forward paleo-primal – yes, you can do both!).

Getting honest about my eating patterns was painful. It was also a key piece in my healing and shaped my practice as a doctor.

It took a health crisis in my 20s for me to face how my own eating needed to change. This filled me with compassion for others on a similar path. It also created a strong desire to ease the way, providing the sort of knowledge, skills and support I could have used.

In changing my relationship with food, I changed my health, body and life. I know the alchemy of holistic medicine, mindful eating and minimalism works...and I’m passionate about sharing it.

Dr. Dana Leigh Lyons



As a Doctor of Chinese Medicine, I’ve treated hundreds of patients over the course of thousands of individual treatment sessions. I’ve also led more than a hundred group sessions at addiction treatment centres and co-taught addiction treatment trainings for medical students and healthcare professionals.

I’m a licensed Doctor of Chinese Medicine – Acupuncture Physician in Colorado, Florida and Maryland. I’m also a certified Primal Health Coach trained in ancestral health and nutrition. 


I hold a Master’s degree from Georgetown University and completed my 5-year Doctor of Chinese Medicine training at the Academy of Classical Oriental Sciences, in British Columbia.

I teach Advanced Therapeutics, Chinese Herbal Medicine and Holistic Nutrition. I also run Alchemist Academy, offering learning, community and continuing education to Chinese Medicine wizards.

As a coach, I help people eat and live in a way that's nourishing, intuitive and uncomplicated.



In life, belongings and food, I choose simpler but better. This brings ease…and space for what I really want.

Simplicity and quality anchor me…and are the heart of Alchemist Eating. 

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