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I began eating paleo-primal in my 30s, while studying medicine. Before that, I spent 10 years on a nutrient-poor vegetarian diet—even when it no longer served my body or mind.

Back then, being vegetarian was part of my identity. Getting honest about how that attachment was hurting me was painful. It was also a key piece in my healing and shaped my practice as a doctor.

It took a health crisis for me to face how my eating needed to change. This filled me with compassion for others on a similar path. It also created a strong desire to ease the way, providing the sort of knowledge, skills and support I could have used.

In changing my relationship with food, I changed my health, body and life. I know the combination of holistic medicine, primal eating and mindfulness works—and I’m passionate about sharing it.

Dr. Dana Leigh Lyons



As a Doctor of Oriental Medicine, I’ve treated hundreds of patients over the course of thousands of individual treatment sessions. I’ve also led more than a hundred group sessions at addiction treatment centers and co-taught addiction treatment trainings for medical students and healthcare professionals.

I’m a licensed Doctor of Oriental Medicine – Acupuncture Physician in Colorado, Florida and Maryland. I’m also a certified Primal Health Coach trained in ancestral health and nutrition. 


I hold a Master’s degree from Georgetown University and completed my 5-year Doctor of Chinese Medicine training at the Academy of Classical Oriental Sciences, in British Columbia.

I currently teach Advanced Therapeutics, Chinese Herbal Classics and Nutrition in my alma matter’s doctor program.

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In life, belongings and food, I choose simpler but better. This brings ease…and space for what I really want.

Simplicity and quality anchor me…and are the heart of Alchemist Eating. 

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